A little red key that was designed for the BOSS 302 has been a sore point for many owners. This little red key, which rumors have exaggerated its outputs to stratospheric levels, has made this part highly sought after and has driven the costs through the roof on eBay and Mustang forum classified sections. Many of the original owners never took the time to submit the paperwork to get their key programmed while that did, have since lost or broken theirs. Several of our certified pre-owned BOSS 302’s that we have sold here have been sold without the key, and we have been trying to get our hands on some ever since.

But what made this key so highly touted? What do these keys actually do?

Well, here’s the real list of everything that happens to your BOSS 302 when you take the little red pill  use the little red track key:

  • Driver adjustable Launch Control, or “2-step engine speed limiting”
  • Driver adjustable Pit Lane Speed Control
  • Lopey idle (brap brap brap brap)
  • Improved engine performance – Up to 60 Lb-Ft at 1500 RPM & pek increases of 16 horsepower and 7 Lb-Ft on 93 octane fuel.

It does this and more by modifying several PCM parameters including:

  • Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT)
  • Engine braking
  • Ignition timing
  • Wide-Open Throttle fueling
  • Accelerator pedal map
  • Idle speed
  • Throttle response
  • Alter several thousand lines of code and several hundred calibration parameters.

For those of us here in California, this key was/is 50-state legal!

Over the past couple of years, many owners have made their voices heard with Ford Performance and these keys are available once again! This time around, it’s much easier to get everything calibrated on your BOSS 302 since you no longer need to bring the vehicle in to our service department to get your PCM software updated. This time around, Ford provides a hand-held tuner that simply plugs into your OBDII port. Follow the directions on the screen as to which buttons to push, and in about 15 mins, the new programming is uploaded. The only thing you will need to come to the dealership for is to have your new red track key cut to match your existing key, and you’re all set! If you’re not comfortable with doing all this yourself, Our service department would be more than happy to install the tune for you.

To get this for your 2013-2017 BOSS 302, you will need these two part numbers: Ford Performance has stepped it up in addition to the hand-held tuner by including a K&N drop-in air filter that will nicely complement your new tune by helping your engine to breath better. Better power and increased MPG’s (if you can restrain your lead foot).

Part Number: M-9603-MBTKA
MSRP: $689.00


And the Actual Track Key:

Part Number: 164-R8021
MSRP: $189.00

If you’re ready to get your BOSS 302 to the track with this Ford Performance Track Key, give Sid in our parts department a call at 805-983-6511 ext. 2504


** While the calibration is easy enough to upload to your vehicle, the customer’s vehicle will still have to have the key recognized as a TracKey at any Ford dealer.

CLICK HERE to download the full instruction sheet from Ford Performance that lists all of the requirements and steps for installation on your BOSS 302.

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