Panterapalooza 2018

The 1972 VFR DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S made its way down to the 2018 Panterapalooza car show in Irvine, CA to show off its new Custom HRE Wheels. Whenever a few dozen Panteras show up together, it draws the attention of everyone around. Car after car made its way up onto the park lawn and were carefully positioned to create a fantastic display. The owners and spectators alike crowded each vehicle as its made its way to its show spot to see it up close. There were several Panteras that were modified wildly, and others that were closer to stock that were still just as beautiful Below are a few photos (and edits) from the event from our very own VFR Photographer, James Stanley. ©2018 James Stanley, Bluejacket Creative, VFR. All rights Reserved.

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